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In terms of classic print ads, and really life in general, I’m going to have to call autumn my favorite time of year. Sure, spring brings with it vitality and new growth, and if you were illustrating car ads, spring-themed ads might have worked well for sportier rides.

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Summer is a pretty good family season, and car ads themed around vacation and travel always seemed to work well in terms of marketing autos. Winter is tougher, and unless you were selling safety and security–or perhaps attaching your message to a Christmas theme–winter wasn’t always the best backdrop for a car advertisement.

Now, fall… that’s a great season. First, you have the colors to work with—distinct, strong, eye-catching. Plus, there’s the bounty of the harvest, and, of course, Thanksgiving. To help celebrate the autumn, we’ve amassed a group of Thanksgiving and autumn-themed auto ads for your consideration. Let us know what you think…what season makes for the best classic car ad?

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Autumn-Themed Auto Ads


1923 Cole Royal Sedan

1923 Cole Ad
1923 Cole Royal Sedan Ad

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1923 Overland Champion

1923 Overland Champion, Leaves, Autumn, $695
1923 Overland Champion Ad

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1927 Richfield Gasoline

1927 Richland Gasoline Ad
1927 Richfield Gasoline Ad

National-Pastime Madness! A Gallery of Baseball-Themed Auto Ads


1938 LaSalle

1938 LaSalle Ad
1938 LaSalle Ad

Photo Feature: 1937 Cadillac Series 75 Tour Bus


1939 International

1939 International Ad, Turkey, Thanksgiving
1939 International Ad

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1940 Lincoln Zephyr

1940 Lincoln Zephyr v12
1940 Lincoln Zephyr

Luxury Madness! A Gallery Of Classic Lincoln Ads


1946 General Tire

1946 General Tire, Turkey, Thanksgiving,
1946 General Tire Ad

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1947 Dodge Truck

1946 General Tire, Turkey, Blue Truck,
1947 Dodge Truck Ad

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1952 Chevrolet

1962 Chevrolet, Autumn, Hunting
1952 Chevrolet Ad

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1955 GMAC

1965 GMAC Ad, Thanksgiving, Turkey,
1955 GMAC Ad

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Autumn-Themed Auto Ads

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