1951 Lincoln, Classic Lincoln Ads
1951 Lincoln

Question: What does Lincoln have in common with GMC, Jeep, and Ram? Answer: An all-truck lineup. Maybe.

Of Lincoln’s last two cars, the Continental and MKZ, only the latter soldiers on into 2020. After that, who knows? You can check out the current Lincoln lineup here.

There are reports that the MKZ will be replaced by a small rear-drive sedan named Zephyr, but given how poorly the Continental and MKZ sold, it wouldn’t surprise us if Lincoln went all crossover/SUV fairly soon.

Instead of lamenting the passing of the traditional passenger car, we choose to celebrate Lincoln’s rich pre-crossover heritage with this collection of 20 classic Lincoln ads. Do note, however, that the last ad below contains no cars–just crossovers.

If you’re a Lincoln fan, tell us about it. The place to leave comments is down below.

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Classic Lincoln Ads


1928 Lincoln Ad, Lincoln Bird Ads, Classic Lincoln Ads
1928 Lincoln Ad

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1930 Lincoln Ad
1930 Lincoln Ad (France)

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1940 Lincoln Zephyr Ad
1940 Lincoln Zephyr Ad

10 Most-Expensive American Coupes of 1976



1949 Lincoln Ad, Cosmopolitan
1949 Lincoln Ad

The 12 Most-Expensive American Cars of 1990



1951 Lincoln Ad
1951 Lincoln Ad

My 5 Favorite Taillights: Early ’50s Edition



1954 Lincoln Ad
1954 Lincoln Ad

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1958 Lincoln Ad
1958 Lincoln Ad


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1960 Lincoln Ad, Finest Lincoln in Forty Years,
1960 Lincoln Ad

High-End Haunches: The Luxury Bustlebacks of 1982



1967 Lincoln Continental Ad
1967 Lincoln Continental Ad

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1969 Lincoln Mark III Ad
1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III Ad

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 1970 Lincoln Continental
1970 Lincoln Continental Ad

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1974 Continental Mark IV ad, Gold Continental Mark IV
1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV ad

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1977 Lincoln Continental Ad, Classic Lincoln Ads
1977 Lincoln Continental Ad

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1982 Lincoln Continental Ad
1982 Lincoln Continental Ad

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1987 Lincoln Town Car Limousine Ad
1987 Lincoln Town Car Limousine Ad

Nicely Suited: The Designer Series Lincoln Mark V Models of 1977



1988 Lincoln Full Line Ad
1988 Lincoln Ad

Cheap Wheels: 2006 Lincoln Zephyr



1990 Lincoln Continental Ad
1990 Lincoln Continental Ad

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2000 Lincoln LS Ad, Classic Lincoln Ads
2000 Lincoln LS Ad

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2019 Lincoln Sale Ad
2019 Lincoln Ad

Test Drive: 2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve

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Classic Lincoln Ads

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