Classic Mercury Ads
1976 Mercury Capri II S

Ford Motor Company’s Mercury division was taken from us in 2011. The brand’s demise came during a flurry of marque terminations, and was bracketed by the shutdown of Pontiac (2010) and the final model year of Saab (2012).

Though hard to pinpoint exactly, Mercury’s market position probably hewed most closely to GM’s Oldsmobile division, though both brands drifted at different times between being slightly sporty to being more luxury focused.

I’m sure some readers will argue otherwise, but to me Mercury hit its design apex in the Sixties, selling cars that were dramatically sleek and angular–and, more importantly, easily recognizable as Mercs.

Collected here for your consideration are 15 classic Mercury print ads, and one seriously entertaining TV commercial.



Note: We’re intentionally excluded Cougar ads from this post. To check out some Cougar advertising, click here for an article dedicated exclusively to that nameplate.

If there’s a Mercury in your past, please tell us about it. The place to leave comments is down below.

Feline Madness! A Gallery of Mercury Cougar Ads



1946 Mercury Ad
1946 Mercury Ad

Review Flashback! 1977 Mercury Cougar



1951 Mercury Ad
1951 Mercury Ad

Cheap Wheels: 1987-88 Mercury Cougar



1953 Mercury Ad
1953 Mercury Ad

Car Spotter: 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator



1954 Mercury Truck Ad
1954 Mercury Truck Ad (Canada)

Cheap Wheels: 2001-2003 Mercury Grand Marquis LSE



1956 Mercury Ad
1956 Mercury Ad

Review Flashback! 1986 Merkur XR4Ti



1965 Mercury Ad
1965 Mercury Meteor Ad (Canada)

The Mercurys of 1977



1966 Mercury Ad
1966 Mercury Ad

Photo Feature: 1966 Mercury Monterey Two-Door Sedan



1971 Mercury Ad
1971 Mercury Marquis Ad

Photo Feature: 1966 Mercury Park Lane Convertible



1975 Mercury Monarch Ad
1975 Mercury Monarch Ad

Photo Feature: 1959 Mercury Colony Park



1976 Mercury Capri II Ad
1976 Mercury Capri II Ad

’80s Flashback: 1987 Mercury Merkur Rapido XR4Ti



1976 Mercury Capri II Ad
1979 Mercury Marquis Ad

What if General Motors, Chrysler, or AMC Had Designed the 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser?



1986 Mercury Capri Ad
1986 Mercury Capri Ad

Personal-Luxury Place Holder: 1975-1976 Ford Elite



1987 Mercury Sable Ad
1987 Mercury Sable Ad

Dead-Brand Madness! 10 Classic Edsel Ads



1989 Mercury Tempo
1989 Mercury Topaz Ad

The 8 Best-Looking Cars of 1978



2003 Mercury Marauder Ad
2003 Mercury Marauder Ad

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