Classic SUV Ads
1970 GMC Jimmy

We can pretend that this whole crossover thing came out of nowhere, but that really isn’t the case. In reality, utility vehicles have been with us nearly as long as the automobile has–it’s just that the “trucks” were generally marginalized as commercial vehicles and mostly dismissed by the average family-vehicle consumer.

If anything, this gallery of classic utility-vehicle ads serves as a loose timeline for the SUV’s gradual integration into the mainstream new-vehicle market.

Our primary focus here is on old-school, body-on-frame trucks. That said, the Jeep Grand Cherokee at the bottom of the page is really a unibody vehicle, though it maintains enough of that trucky attitude to make our list.

If you’ve spent time with any of these classic utes, please tell us about it. The place to leave comments is down below.


Classic SUV Ads

1935 Chevrolet Suburban

1935 Chevrolet Suburban
1935 Chevrolet Suburban Ad

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1936 Plymouth Westchester Suburban

1936 Plymouth Westchester, Station Wagon, Station Hack
1936 Plymouth Westchester Suburban Ad

Aussie Madness! 12 Classic Ute Ads


1951 Willys

1943 Willys Ad
1951 Willys

Bulldog Madness! 10 Classic Mack Truck Ads


1962 Datsun Patrol

1958 Datsun Patrol Ad
1962 Datsun Patrol Ad

Winter Madness! 10 Classic Car Ads Featuring Snow


1965 Toyota Land Cruiser

1965 Toyota Land Cruiser Ad
1965 Toyota Land Cruiser Ad

4WD Madness! 10 Classic Jeep Ads


1966 Jeep Wagoneer

1966 Jeep Wagoneer Ad
1966 Jeep Wagoneer Ad

’60s Madness! 10 Years of Classic Pickup Truck Ads


1966 Ford Bronco

1966 Ford Bronco Ad
1966 Ford Bronco Ad

’70s Madness! 10 Years of Classic Pickup Truck Ads


1969 International Scout

1969 International Scout Ad
1969 International Scout Ad

Vannin’ Madness! 5 Classic Van Ads


1970 GMC Jimmy

1970 GMC Jimmy Ad, Print Ad
1970 GMC Jimmy Ad

Grabowsky Madness! 10 Classic GMC Ads


1973 International Scout

1973 International Scout Ad
1973 International Scout Ad

Convoy Madness! 12 Classic CB-Radio Ads


1974 Dodge Ramcharger

1974 Dodge Ramcharger Print Ad
1974 Dodge Ramcharger Ad

Family Madness! 6 Classic Car Ads Featuring The Entire Clan


1975 Plymouth Trail Duster

1975 Plymouth Trail Duster
1975 Plymouth Trail Duster Ad

Photo Feature: 1954 International Model R-140 Station Wagon


1978 Ford Bronco

1978 Ford Bronco Print Ad
1978 Ford Bronco Ad

Forgotten Trim Level: 2003-2004 Ford Explorer NBX


1982 Ford Bronco

1982 Ford Bronco, Classic SUV Ads
1982 Ford Bronco Ad

Temporary Trucks: Five Rigs You’ve Probably Forgotten


1984 Jeep Wagoneer

1984 Jeep Wagoneer Ad
1984 Jeep Wagoneer Ad

5 Discontinued Trucks You’ve Totally Forgotten About


1984 GMC S-15 Jimmy

1984 GMC S-15 Jimmy Print Ad
1984 GMC S-15 Jimmy Ad

Too Spicy For America: The Mexico-Only 1999-2001 Dodge Ramcharger


1989 Mitsubishi Montero

1989 Mitsubishi Montero Print Ad, Classic SUV Ads
1989 Mitsubishi Montero Ad

Ranchero Sequel: Remembering the Short-Lived Ford Durango


1992 Land Rover Defender 110

1992 Defender 110 Ad
1992 Land Rover Defender 110 Ad

Full-Size 4WD: The Big Rigs of 1989


1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ad
1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ad
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