PLymouth Rapid Transit System, Vintage Plymouth Ads
1972 Plymouth “Rapid Transit System”

More than most brands, Plymouth was an automotive marque with many personalities. As a kid, I knew no one with an interesting Plymouth. I learned to drive on a Slant-Six-powered 1974 Valiant that had been repainted by Earl Scheib.

A buddy of mine drove a Satellite with a 318, which was the closest any of my friends ever came to an exciting Plymouth. To me, Plymouths were affordable, reliable, and reasonably fuel efficient, at least by the standards of the day.

I never spent time in a Barracuda or GTX, never heard the roar of a 440-cubic-inch V8 venting through Glasspacks, and certainly never enjoyed the thrill of anything Hemi-powered.

There’s a good chance your experience with Plymouth was very different from mine. Still, I remember the brand fondly, as reliability and low cost of ownership were things my family and friends put a high value on back in the day.

To celebrate this now-defunct arm of what we once called the Chrysler Corporation, we have amassed 20 classic print ads for your consideration. If you have any specific Plymouth memories, please tell us about them. The place to leave comments is down below.

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Classic Plymouth Ads
1947 Plymouth Ad

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Classic Plymouth Ads
1954 Plymouth Ad

Photo Feature: 1960 Plymouth Fury Hardtop Coupe



Classic Plymouth Ads
1961 Plymouth Ad

Photo Feature: 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook Convertible Coupe



Classic Plymouth Ads
1961 Plymouth Valiant Ad

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Classic Plymouth Ads
1964 Plymouth Barracuda Ad

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Classic Plymouth Ads
1966 Plymouth Fury Ad

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Classic Plymouth Ads
1969 Plymouth Fury Ad

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Classic Plymouth Ads
1970 Plymouth GTX Ad

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Classic Plymouth Ads
1971 Plymouth Cuda Ad

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Vintage Plymouth Ads
1972 Plymouth Fury Ad

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Classic Plymouth Ads
1972 Plymouth “Rapid Transit System” Ad

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Classic Plymouth Ads
1973 Plymouth Satellite Wagon Ad

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1974 Plymouth Duster Ad, Gold Duster
1974 Plymouth Duster Ad

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1976 Plymouth Fury Ad
1976 Plymouth Fury Ad

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1976 Plmouth Volare Ad
1976 Plymouth Volaré Ad

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Classic Plymouth Ads
1977 Plymouth Volaré Ad

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1978 Plymouth Horizon Ad
1978 Plymouth Horizon Ad

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K-Car Ad, Plymouth Reliant Ad
1981 Plymouth Reliant Ad

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1982 Plymouth Sapporo Ad
1982 Plymouth Sapporo Ad

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1987 Plymouth Sundance Ad
1987 Plymouth Sundance Ad

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