1988 Lincoln Town Car
1988 Lincoln Town Car

Fans of classic TV Westerns likely recall the show Have Gun – Will Travel as one of the darker, more moralistic shows of the genre. The half-hour drama packed a lot into each episode, and usually included a pathos-filled final scene that likely left many viewers wondering if the bad guys might have been taught a lesson in a slightly less troubling manner.

Richard Boone as Paladin.
Richard Boone as Paladin.

Because the show’s producers had just 30 minutes in which to tell their tale, the story often leapt quickly from San Francisco–home of protagonist Paladin (Richard Boone)–to someplace in the untamed wilds east of California.

Something my wife and daughter noticed is that, no matter where he was plying his trade, Paladin always seemed to be riding the same black horse—a detail never explained to viewers. While it is possible that Paladin actually had a favorite stead shipped to the location of each job, that seems improbable.

More likely, the man in black rented horses as needed, and always managed to find similar-looking rides.

Things are much easier for travelers today, as cars are likely much easier to rent—and care for—than horses would have been. As for finding the exact same car each time you rent, that can probably be arranged too, providing you stick with the same rental outfit.

I can’t say if any of the following vehicles would have proved a worthy rental for Paladin, but for most folks they likely would have done the trick. We’re got 20 rental car ads to share with you below–let us know if you’ve ever rented one of the cars seen here.

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Classic Rental Car Ads

Olin’s U Drive It–1948

1948 Olin's Ad
1948 Olin’s Ad

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1949 Hertz Ad
1949 Hertz Ad (1949 Chevrolet)

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1954 Hertz Ad
1954 Hertz Ad (1954 Ford)

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1957 Avis Ad
1957 Avis Ad (1957 Ford)

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1958 Avis Ad
1958 Avis Ad (1958 Ford)

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Sam Snead, 1958 Hertz Print Ad, 1958 Chevrolet
1958 Hertz Ad (1958 Chevrolet)

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1965 Hertz Ad (1965 Chevrolet Impala)

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1966 Hertz Ad
1966 Hertz Ad (1966 Shelby Mustang GT350-H)

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1966 Hertz Ad
1966 Hertz Ad (1966 Ford Custom 500)

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1968 Budget Ad (1968 Chevrolet Impala)
1968 Budget Ad (1968 Chevrolet Impala)

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1970 Avis Ad (1970 Ford Falcon) (Australia)
1970 Avis Ad–Australia (1970 Ford Falcon)

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1971 Airways Ad (1971 Ford LTD)

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1973 Budget Ad (1973 Chevrolet Vega)
1974 Budget Ad (1974 Chevrolet Vega)

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1976 General Car Rental Ad
1976 General Ad (1976 Chevrolet Nova)

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1977 Budget Ad
1977 Budget Ad (1977 Buick Regal)

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1983 National Ad (!983 Pontiac 6000)
1983 National Ad (1983 Pontiac 6000)

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1988 Budget Ad (1988 Lincoln Town Car)
1988 Budget Ad (1988 Lincoln Town Car)

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1992 Thrifty Ad, Wayne Gretzky
1992 Thrifty Ad (Canada)

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2007 Hertz Ad
2007 Hertz Ad (2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser)

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Corvette ZHZ, Rental Car Ads
2008 Hertz Ad (2008 Chevrolet Corvette ZHZ)

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